Questioner: Amma, what is Your definition of unconditional love and compassion?   Amma: It is a totally undefinable state.   Questioner: Then, what is it?   Amma: It is expansiveness, like the sky.   Questioner: Is it the inner sky?   Amma: There is no inside and outside there.   Questioner: Then... more ›
Questioner: Amma, if everything is pervaded by consciousness, do non-living objects also have consciousness?   Amma: They have a consciousness, which you can’t feel or understand.   Questioner: How can we understand that?   Amma: Through pure love. Love makes everything alive and conscious.  ... more ›
Questioner: Amma, how does one learn to have pure, innocent love, as You say?   Amma: Only something that is alien to you can be learned. But love is your true nature. Within you, there is a wellspring of love. Tap that source in the right way and the shakti (energy) of divine love will fill your... more ›
Questioner : Amma, what is true love? Amma: True love is the state of complete fearlessness. Fear is part and parcel of the mind. Therefore, fear and genuine love cannot go together. As the depth of love increases, the intensity of fear slowly decreases. Fear can exist only when you are identified... more ›