Global News

December 3, 2016 Europe
“My dear children, without a center we cannot draw a perfect circle. In the same way, without the center-point of love, our lives can never be complete. The roots of a tree are what hold it firmly to the Earth. Similarly, it is the powerful roots of love running deep within the mind that keep... more ›
November 11, 2016 Global
Amma's Visit to Winterthur, Switzerland is always a special one. The people of Switzerland go to great lengths to celebrate their heritage and offer traditional performances as offerings to Amma. In this way, in a gymnasium in Winterthur, the heritage of Switzerland meets the heritage of India, and... more ›
November 5, 2016 Global
27 Oct, Paris, France  Amrita University gets UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality UNESCO chair on gender equality and women’s empowerment for Amrita University   During Amma’s programmes in Paris, France, the United Nations officially made Amrita University India’s first-ever UNESCO... more ›
October 14, 2016 Global
East Coast Programs Detroit, MI November 20th: Morning (10am) and evening (7:30 pm) Public Programs November 21st - 23rd: East Coast Retreat   West Coast Programs ... more ›
September 29, 2016 Chicago. USA
Inspired by AYUDH Americas’ recent participation in several UN events, this year youth from around the world met to discuss pressing global issues during the 4 day annual summit in Chicago. The summit focused on implementing several of the UN’s recently established Sustainable Development Goals, or... more ›
September 21, 2016 Global
  Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri spent the past few weeks (August 25th - September 9th, 2016) touring South America, conducting programs in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.  In each city that Swami visited, large crowds filled every hall.  It was incredibly inspiring to see the devotion and... more ›
August 31, 2016 Kansas, U.S.A.
On the evening of July 7th 2016, multiple tornadoes struck Greenwood County Kansas in both a sparsely populated rural area as well as the town of Eureka, KS. Over 50 homes were damaged in the town and nearly half of these were completely destroyed. In the rural countryside, two farmsteads were... more ›
August 19, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Green Friends and Burrito Project are inviting their members to volunteer with the LA City’s non-profit organization, City Plants, to plant 150 trees with 100 volunteers in South LA.  City Plants will provide all the trees, materials, lunch, together with large non-profit tree planting experts (LA... more ›
August 15, 2016 San Ramon, U.S.A.
When I was in 3rd Grade, we watched Embracing Kenya. Afterwards, I wanted to help the children I saw at Amma’s school in Nairobi. Four to six times a year we send different things that we think might be useful for the kids. Since they were trying to start a garden, we were sending them... more ›
August 12, 2016 Kerala, India
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) has conducted India’s first double forearm transplant on a 21-year-old youth, Jith Kumar Saji, who lost both his hands below the elbow in 2013 due to electrical burns. This is the third double-hand transplant done at the hospital. In India,... more ›