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Water for hundreds of thousands - Amritavarsham 64

The Honorable President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated a new charitable initiative "Jivamritam" filtration systems, at Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MA Math) in Kollam. Through this project Embracing the World, aims to provide filtration for clean drinking water to 10 million villagers throughout India.

The initial phase of the project - which aims to install "Jivamritam" filtration systems for clean drinking water in 5,000 villages throughout the nation - will be implemented by Embracing the World, at a projected cost of USD $15.27 Million. Each Jivamritam System is capable of filtering the daily drinking-water needs of up to 400 five-member families. This system was conceptualized and designed by faculty and students of Amrita University. Embracing the World will be targetting to deploy all 5,000 Jivamritam Systems within one year.

"The Jivamritam System avails of a dual sand-and-activated-carbon filter to remove suspended particles and turbidity, followed by micron filters of five-micron and one-micron filtration," said Dr. Maneesha Sudheer, the Jivamritam project head from Amrita University. "Each system also includes an ultraviolet water-purifier to remove pathogenic contamination, and two storage tanks - 2,000-litre-inlet and a 1,000-litre outlet - to keep treated and untreated water separate. The filtered-water tanks are integrated with taps to provide drinking water at the location of the system itself."

President Kovind inaugurated Jivamritam in Amma’s presence by unveiling a model system to thousands who had gathered for the occasion. A live-stream feed of a Jivamritam System providing clean water to villagers in Clappana, Kollamwas was then viewed by the The Honorable President, Amma and the gathered crowd.

Embracing the World is a global network of regional humanitarian organizations inspired by the India-based humanitarian initiatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math.