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A Torch Fire of Spirituality

Thousands in Munich came together to celebrate Amma’s 30 years visiting the city. Munich volunteers warmly welcomed Amma through heartfelt performances rooted in Bavarian culture and tradition. Amma was also greeted by special guests and dignitaries who put to words her long-lasting effect on the people and land of Germany.

Amma was welcomed by the counsel general of India, Mr. Sugandh Rajaram - "from the heart filled with joy,  I welcome Amma to Munich and express my deepest respect towards her. For many years Amma has been a torch fire for spirituality here and I witness it with this crowd." 

Rufus Beck, famous actor in theatre and film, known widely for the dubbing of Harry Potter in German and his prestigious Bambi Award, spoke to Amma's greatness -  "Amma inspires so many people in Munich and the whole world to do service to humanity. I would like to thank all volunteers here for making the program possible.”

As a gesture of gratitude and reverence, the Munich organizers handed Amma 30 personalized pledges to do service to humanity, along with two saplings to be planted. After experiencing Amma's endless inspiration and example during the past thirty years, the organizers said this was the very least they could do to give back to Amma.

The ceremony concluded with a small Bavarian music group, dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing, singing Joy to the World. As the whole crowd joined in, heart shaped balloons rained down from the top of the hall. The crowd, excited to express their gratitude to Amma, raised their flags which proudly said "Danke, Amma's 30 Years in Germany". 

- Elizabeth Brown