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Thank you for showing us how to love and serve

Amma spent three days in Châlons-en-Champagne, France, where she embraced thousands of visitors. As it was her 30th year visiting France, there was a commemoration ceremony on Saturday night. The evening kicked off with a new short film featuring footage of Amma in France interspersed with interviews of French volunteers sharing their personal stories on how Amma has transformed their lives. Afterward, a volunteer of 30 years shared how Amma had transformed her life. She said, "Amma makes me grow and understand myself and others better. Thank you, Amma."
Then dignitaries from various spheres of French culture honored Amma for her service in France and around the world. All expressed their gratitude for Amma's work. Monsieur Traxel awarded Amma the European Star of Dedication to honor Amma for her service in the name of world peace. Then two famous French artists shared a few words. Liane Foly expressed her gratitude by saying, "We are all together and love each other because of you, simply." Mouts (Guillaume Mouton) spoke and shared his appreciation by saying, "Tonight we experience something wonderful, we have an amazing opportunity to be able to meet Amma physically... who can show us our potential to do so much better."
Amma then blessed several trees that will be planted at the French ashram in Ferme du Plessis. Amma offered the trees to three generations of volunteers from the ages of 3 to 85. Afterward, the theme of gratitude continued in a beautiful song sung by the volunteers. The essence of the French lyrics was "Thank you for coming to France and showing us how to love and serve." 
As the song concluded, there was a surge of joy and love in the crowd. Not only were all cheering and celebrating, but they also tossed hundreds of brightly colored balloons in the air!  Then, spontaneously, each person stood up until the entire crowd was on their feet, expressing their gratitude for Amma in a standing ovation. It was a magnificent moment of celebration and the crowd could not stop applauding Amma.