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Seven Day Silent Meditation Retreat in Chicago

7 Day Silent Meditation Retreat from April 9 to April 16


Our current life is beset by a cacophony of alarming and, at times, ominous noise. Cognizant of this scourge, Amma urged her disciples in the USA to conduct sessions of silent meditation.

In sustained silence, our senses become more acute and attuned to see the world around us with greater clarity. In the serene settings of the Ashram, the sustained periods of silence allow us to garner our energy -inner and outer- to calm our nerves and develop a dispassionate perspective on life and its challenges. The sound of silence becomes a harmonious symphony.

Heeding the call of Amma, the first 7-day Silent Meditation Retreat will be held at the new MA Center Dallas during the last week of February.

MA Center Chicago will host the Retreat during the second week of April 2017 from April 9 - April 16, 2017.

Stay tuned for details and registration…

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