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Our Responsibility towards Nature

At times, people have told me about experiencing a sensation of imbalance, similar to vertigo. This can be due to the disturbance of tiny particles in the ears. Due to mankind’s selfishness and indiscriminate actions, Nature has similarly become out of balance. The situation is serious. We need to become as alert as if we were standing at gunpoint. Only then can we survive.

I grew up in a very poor fishing village. The people there lived off daily wages. They rarely got to eat every day. As a child, I used to go to neighboring houses to collect food scraps to feed to our cows. When I went to one house, the woman there told me she didn’t have any because she hadn’t been able to cook anything that day. I asked the reason, and she said her husband could not find any work and therefore could not buy any food. She explained that he had recently walked 10 kilometers to borrow money but didn’t have any luck. On the way back, in the moonlight, he noticed a turtle laying eggs on the seashore. After laying its eggs, the turtle returned to the sea, and the husband had taken a few of the eggs and returned home. They boiled the eggs and fed their children. That had been their last real meal.
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