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The language of love is a silent embrace - Italy welcomes Amma

Italians, waiting for Amma, cheered with joy when Amma arrived in Busto Arsizio, a city and commune just outside Milan in the province of Varese. Amma was ready to embrace all of the region as well as the many long-time Italian volunteers, who spend each year preparing for this special time.

All three days of program were filled with cultural programs that featured music and dance of all types. To represent the passionate and loving people of the region, various dignitaries welcomed Amma and celebrated her visit to their land. Amongst them was Mayor of Busto Arsizio, Emanuele Antonelli, Assessor of Marketing Terrrito, Paola Magugliani, Consul of India, Pradeep Gautam, and Maestro Pippo Rinaldi, renowned Italian composer and musician.

Mayor Emanuele Antonelli and Assessor Paola Magugiani thanked Amma for her contribution to their locality - bringing together thousands of people in the name of love and service for all. The two commented on how Amma’s effect can be felt throughout the region clearly, as well how beautiful it was to see various communities working together to produce such a large and well organized program.

Mayor Antonelli spoke of the transformational role Amma has played in his political career and goals - "I only hope Amma's example and embrace brings me on the right path in this political career."

Maestro Pippo Rinaldi, renowned Italian composer, was deeply touched by his experience with Amma. Though a master creator in his own right, he commented that his own words could not do justice to Amma’s mission. Rinaldi ended the ceremony on this quote by Musil, Austrian writer - "The language of love is a secret language. It's higher expression is a silent embrace."

-Elizabeth Brown