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The land you have filled with and brightened with all of your love

As the second city of Amma's 2017 Europe Tour began, Amma sat for more than 15 hours to receive thousands of people from the south of France for darshan. The sight was not unusual for this city, as Amma has been uplifting the lives of the people of Toulon for the past 20 years. To celebrate Amma's profound, long-lasting impact in the region, officials, diplomats, soldiers, and international organizations came together to show gratitude on the second day of programs in Toulon. The Soldiers of Peace International Association (SPIA), an international NGO endowed with consultative status within the Economic Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) offered Amma their service as soldiers of peace.

Larent Attard-Bayrou, president and founder of SPIA, spoke intently of Amma's mission, an inspiration for their organization: "With you, the poor discover fulfillment, the rich gain humility. Fully dedicated to your mission, you shake the walls of indifference. On this earth, you sow hope. From this water, you draw love. From these skies, you make hearts blossom and shine."

Amma was also honored by delegate Monique Robineu. Speaking of Amma's important role in the area, Robineu remarked in gratitude, "we are very proud to welcome you once more on our land, the land you have filled with and brightened with all of your love."

A brand new book release also took place during the celebration. Following the major French hit Pearls of Wisdom, which nearly sold out in Southern France, the French Publishing House Points launched their second book of Amma - Ce au’Amma Dit au Monde (Amma's Message for the World). The second book will be followed by a third to be released next year.

Finally, in honor of Amma's 20th visit to Toulon, the coordinators and thousands of those that come to see her each year organized the blessing of olive trees - trees of hope and peace for the land and people of Southern France. The trees will be planted at the MA Center as a way to give back to mother earth.

The ceremony ended with a grand celebration. As a surprise - and much to everyone's delight - devotees came together to form a red heart in the crowd, showing their unity in love and thanking Amma for her endless compassion for the region. The heart served to bring to life the deep love felt by the southern French people for Amma and the deep impact she has had for the past 20 years. 

- Elizabeth Brown