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Auction for a Cause in Seattle

MA Center in Seattle!

At present the MA Center PNW exists and acts through the selfless service of local volunteers. Regular volunteer run projects in the Pacific Northwest region include:

1. Preparing and serving meals for shelters in the region every weekend of the month. Food is being distributed to the needy in Eugene, OR, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver BC, and Victoria BC.
3. Regularly organizing meditation instructional sessions to teach Amma's IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®
3. Organizing and/or participating in local litter cleanup
4. Collaborating with other non-profit organizations such as interfaith communities, permaculture schools, Litter projects such as KickButts, etc.
5. Offering Amrita Bala Kendra which is a gathering for children ages 5 to 14. The classes are designed to inculcate values and principles shaping them towards becoming responsible citizens
6. Regularly meeting around the region for satsangs and other religious gatherings

With your help and generous participation with this auction, MA Center PNW can continue working on bringing the property up to code including applying for the conditional use permit and acquiring construction permits, fire protection designs, ADA compliance among other code activities

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