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Amrita Book Club of North America

Amrita Book Club of North America


The Amrita Book Club, recently blessed by Amma for North America, gives devotees an avenue to gather together to dive more deeply into Amma’s teachings.


All satsangs are invited to host these gatherings of interested devotees to reflect and explore how to infuse the teachings into our lives.  The Amrita Book Club will explore Amma’s books and some of the books written by her senior disciples. The Swamis have lived in close proximity to Amma for over thirty years, and imbibed her teachings and way of life.  These teachings, coming to us through Amma’s books, explain and illustrate Vedantic truths and elements of Sanatana Dharma, or Pure Way of Life.


Amma has already chosen the first book for us to focus on!


Interested devotees can contact to express their interest in participating.  Please state your name and which satsang or city and state you belong to.  


Information about starting an Amrita Book Club and supportive guidelines will be forthcoming to the satsang coordinators.”