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Amma's Europe Tour Begins - A Celebration of 30 Years

The Hoff Herenburg program, held at MA Center Germany in the rural town of Brombachtal,  marked the beginning of Amma's 30th year visiting her children in Europe. Many came to celebrate and honor Amma's 30 years of gracing the country with her endless love and compassion.

On the first day of programs, world champion pastry chef Bernd Siefert from Michaelstadt offered a specialty cake, exclaiming that "every celebration needs a good cake!" On the second day of programs, MA Center Germany hosted a beautiful function to honor the thirty years with a number of notable speakers.

Leevke Wolfsteller, president of Verein Amrita e.V. and one of the first people to invite Amma to Germany 30 years ago, spoke words of gratitude and reverence. Residents of MA Center Germany then received saplings from Amma to mark the monumental visit with service to mother nature. AYUDH Europe garlanded Amma with a specially designed seed garland that grows when planted.

Willi Kredel, mayor of Brombachtal, and Stephan Kelbert, mayor of Michelstadt (a neighboring town), spoke to Amma's profound ability to bring diverse crowds together in the name of service. Mayor Kredel commented on how beautiful it was to see thousands of Europeans coming together in such a rural area - a population larger than the town itself! Both mayors thanked Amma for creating deep-rooted, positive change in the area.

The function concluded with the entire crowd joyfully waving white flags that said "Thank You Amma!"

- Elizabeth Brown