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Amma in Washington D.C. - Summer Tour 2017

Amma highlighted the importance of our duty towards Nature!

This year, the last tour stop in the United States took place in Washington D.C., the Nation’s Capital. Arriving in the late evening, Amma’s arrival coincided with the dawn of the United States’ Independence Day (The Fourth of July). Fireworks to commemorate the holiday continued throughout the first day and night of Amma’s D.C. program. Peering out of the large glass windows of the Marriott Crystal Gateway (the host hotel of the program), children could be seen watching the massive red and white fireworks blossoming above the White House as Amma gave darshan late into the night.

The two-day D.C. program consisted of a regular public program--with bhajans and a spiritual talk by Amma and all-day darshan--as well as a Devi Bhava program on July 5. During both of these evenings, Amma stressed the importance of the preservation of the environment and tree plantings. Inspired by Amma’s teachings, devotees who met Amma during her first North American tour in 1987 presented three tree saplings that will be planted in the D.C. ashram, as a symbol of their dedication to continuing to enact her teachings.

Amma also stressed the importance of our role in society. She said, “ Let our lives become an offering that alleviates the pain of suffering people. Today, so many suffer from illness and poverty. There are more than 2 billion people living below the poverty line. Hundreds of millions of people are illiterate. We have a responsibility towards all of them. We need to provide them with food. We need to offer them the light of knowledge. This is our duty. In essence, we are all one – all children from the same mother. May we realize this, our hearts uniting in love. It is not an economic or technological revolution that needs to take place, but a revolution arising from the heart – an inner revolution that makes us see others as ourselves, loving and serving all. This is Amma’s desire.”

The massive Marriott Crystal Gateway had many other travellers from around the United States who had come to celebrate Independence Day in the capital city. Furthermore, Amma’s tour staff and the devotees that travel from city to city with her come from around the United States, Canada, and the world. Amma’s D.C. program, then, situated in this historic city that unites the country, can be seen as a symbol of the power of uniting in love and service, as well as in finding true independence through spirituality.