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Amma Addresses the UNAOC Conference

Amma participated in the United Nations' Alliance of Civilizations meeting in Shanghai, China on November 29-30, 2012. The meeting, titled Harmony Through Diversity, brought together 150 participants from the Asia-Pacific region representing governments, academia, corporations, NGOs and cultural organizations. The goal was to improve mutual understanding and cooperation between nations, cultures and religions. Amma was the only spiritual leader invited to attend.

This was Amma’s first time visiting China. She has addressed United Nations at its International Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary in New York, the Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious and Spiritual Leaders in Geneva, the Summit of the Global Peace Initiative of Women in Jaipur, twice at the Parliament of World’s Religions, and as well as at many other international gatherings.

Translation of Amma's remarks 

"Our focus today should neither be on dependence nor on non-dependence, but on interdependence. This is because the human race, the animal and plant kingdoms and the whole universe are all interdependent.

Reverence and respect are rare qualities in today's world, leaving us with a society lacking in proper maturity. Education, acquisition of knowledge, science and technology may help us advance to unimaginable levels, but if the result is a mentally and emotionally immature generation with no sense of discrimination, it would be truly catastrophic.

Respect the Earth, nature and all our fellow living beings. Realize that we truly need to acknowledge the differences between race, religion, color and creed. When we approach others with respect that is firmly established in a deep understanding and acceptance of all our differences, then we will be able to communicate at the level of the heart."