Amma in San Ramon - Summer 2019

Help with Special Needs

Volunteers at MA Center can accommodate people in wheelchairs or who are physically challenged, pregnant women, and the elderly with parking, getting around the property, and receiving an embrace from Amma.


MA Center, San Ramon is a rural property. Most parking lots are at a distance from the main buildings, connected by unpaved roads and trails. When you arrive, please ask parking volunteers to help you park in a lot that will accommodate your needs. More about parking >

Carpooling is encouraged. You can carpool from BART or from local meeting points. If you wish to carpool with a power wheelchair, you must make an advance request for a shuttle to transport it. Please call (510) 537-9417 to make arrangements.


Assistance is available to help you move between parking lots, Amrita Hall, and the Dining Hall. Call (510) 304-1446 at designated pickup locations outside Amrita Hall and the Dining Hall to request a ride.


When you arrive at Amrita Hall, please join the line to receive tokens for Amma’s embrace. At that time, let a volunteer with a red or blue scarf know about your concerns.  They will assess your needs and provide appropriate assistance. Numbered tokens for Amma’s embrace are distributed on a first come, first served basis. If you need to leave early because of health challenges, it is best to arrive early enough to get a lower token number. Learn more >

If you do not need assistance with receiving Amma’s embrace, but do need a chair while you wait in the token line, please request a chair. 

Space is limited in the special needs area of Amrita Hall. Please bring only essential belongings to the special needs area. You may check other items at the bag check.


When you arrive at MA Center for a Devi Bhava program, please inform parking volunteers that you have special needs. They will direct you to designated parking, where hosts in blue scarves will meet you. These hosts will help you get tokens for Amma’s embrace and seats for the puja


On Thursday, June 13th, Amma’s evening retreat program will begin in MA Center’s meditation meadow. You can request transportation to take you to the meadow for this program, as well as seating at the meadow in a section for those with special needs.

Volunteers will help you move safely from the meadow to the Dining Hall for dinner served by Amma. After dinner, hosts wearing blue scarves will arrange for transportation back to Amrita Hall.