Wichita, Kansas

Amma.org: Wichita, Kansas
Satsang with Br. Shantamrita

Welcome to the Wichita Satsang

We have been gathering since 2003. Our group usually meets monthly on the third Sunday at 4pm and sometimes other times as well.  We begin with a brief video of Amma or spiritual reading, chant the 108 Names of Amma followed by the Thousand Names of the Divine Mother, sing devotional songs, meditate and pray for peace ending with some prayers. Vegetarian potluck follows afterward. Bring musical instruments, friends, prayer intentions, and food to share!

Satsang is informal and ALL are welcome, including newcomers, children etc.

Satsang is the gathering of a group of devotees who come together to contemplate the Truth or God. The word is derived from “sat” meaning Truth or Absolute Existence, and “sang” meaning association with. Thus satsang literally brings an association with the Truth. A regular satsang practice deepens our closeness with Amma all year-round, and also helps us come closer to each other. As we join together in community to cultivate spiritual awareness and inner peace, we honor our relationship with Amma, as well as our True, Divine Selves.

  • We also occasionally host GreenFriends activities, Swami visits and IAM Meditation courses.
  • Our group supports Amma's North American Tour by volunteering at the Dallas and Michigan Tour Programs.

We would love to have you join us. For more information, contact us via email at AmmaKansas@gmail.com or phone Kaivalya at 620-583-6776.