Victoria Satsang

Email Prayer Circle

Email Prayer Circle

“Group chanting and prayer is very powerful. It can change anything.”  Amma

All local devotees are welcome to join Victoria Satsang's Email Prayer Circle.

We pray on request for friends, family, loved ones and pets. If you are a local

devotee of Amma and would enjoy praying for others, please send us your email

with a note stating your desire to join.

You will receive short requests for prayers, forwarded by email as we receive them.

If you would like to request prayers, please email Erdi:

Tell us a few details if possible, such as your first name, and if possible a little about

the situation for which you are requesting prayers.

We offer our prayers in faith that they will facilitate love, compassion,

connection and well being throughout our community and the world.

Om Namah Shivaya
"Love is the only language that every living being can understand." Amma