Victoria Satsang

Volunteers are needed for Amma's Kitchen every Sunday at Our Place!

Every Sunday at 10am, Amma volunteers make sandwiches for those in need. Members of the Amma Victoria Satsang volunteer to help make and serve a meal to those in need who attend "Our Place" outreach program in Victoria. We make sandwiches from 10am till noon.

From noon until 1pm, we help serve soup and sandwiches, assist in bussing used dishes, and sometimes help the cooks by prepping vegetables for future meals.

Besides our regular sandwich making at Our Place, Amma's volunteers are now supporting The Dandelion Society by making and donating cookies every Sunday. This humble seva is very important as it helps support Reverend Al to offer a coffee and cookies to those living on the street beginning each morning at 4:30 am. Rev Al's work is very important to people that are homeless. Not only does he serve this vulnerable sector of society, but offers a light in the darkness. The Amma group has begun making 225 or more cookies each week. We will start making cookies at 9 am every Sunday followed by our regular seva of making sandwiches, from 10am till noon. 
Please join us on Sundays at Our Place, 919 Pandora Avenue in Victoria. Anyone that would like to offer cookies or cookie dough, please contact Swarna by email at:  This is a great Sevastopol opportunity and we welcome your participation. If you have questions, please email
*Where: Our Place, 919 Pandora Avenue in Victoria*

*When: 9 am every Sunday.*