Vancouver, BC Satsang

Program Guide Advertising

Amma silohette against a red sky with sun

We are so very blessed each year to have Amma’s physical presence in Bellevue/Seattle. In times where the world needs such selfless love and grace, we are truly grateful. Amma’s programs and charitable activities are made possible through the selfless efforts and monetary donations of many individuals around the globe.

During Amma's programs local program guides are offered free of charge to all - in tour cities across the U.S.A and in Toronto in Canada. You may offer your support by purchasing an advertisement in one of these program guides. Your advertisement may be for your business or service, or you may place a Pranam advertisement - an expression of gratitude. You may purchase a national advertisement (will appear in all tour cities) or a local program advertisement. Here is a link to some advertisment examples. If you like you can have the design team create the advertisement for you. There has been a move away from black and white advertisements  and this year all advertisements will be in colour (more opportunity for creativity!).

Every year the Pacific Northwest Program Guide has made significant contributions to Amma’s Bellevue Programs. Each year we have continued, as a group to meet our goals and even increase and surpass them, with hard work and Amma’s Grace. 

To place an ad, or find out more about sizing and cost of advertisements please refer to the 2014 Program Guide Ad Order Form (please note that Amma also offers a program in Toronto in Canada). For more information please contact Jyoti Vaid