Vancouver, BC Satsang

Litter Pick-up - Keep Vancouver Spectacular!

Litter Project
Litter Project

Volunteers from the Amma Vancouver Satsang group got together on Sunday May 13, 2012 for our first ‘litter seva’. We were participating in the Keep Vancouver Spectacular! campaign run by the City of Vancouver.

It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver. We worked in pairs, and enjoyed our chance to give back to the community and share in the spirit of working together for a great cause.

Our little group (4 of us) met on the East side of Vancouver and filled 10 bags of garbage in addition to some larger household items found tossed in the peripheries of a local park.

A little bonus after the work was done, was resting on the grass together for a while, sharing “Amma” stories and our excitement over her upcoming programs in Seattle. We are looking forward to the next ‘litter seva’, and hope that more of you out there will join us!