Vancouver, BC Satsang

Happy Birthday Beloved Amma

Pada Puja items

Amma's auspicious 60th birthday celebrations were held with great love and devotion by Jasbir and Neal and their family in their lovely home in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The event began with a reverential Pada Puja in which ghee, yogurt, milk, honey and rose water were symbolically offered to Amma's precious feet. The devotees chanted the Guru Stotram and Lokah Samastah, the chant for peace in the world. From the colorful altar, the beautiful image of Amma looked upon Her children with tender love. The 108 Names were then chanted as Amma's feet were buried under a small hill of flower petals. The heartfelt devotional singing and energy that vibrated around the room was testament enough to the fact that Amma enjoyed her birthday party. The food was very delicious, Rafale baked a beautiful rainbow cake and Helen made a non gluten one so that Amma had not one but 2 birthday cakes! As the youngest child there that evening Maha Vidya did the honors and blew out Amma's birthday candles.

A loud and happy raffle draw was held and people won some very nice prizes indeed! Melodious wind chimes, a semi precious mala  and items that had come all the way from Amritapuri. All in all, a good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday Amma! 

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