January 24, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Toronto Satsang's first celebration of Amma's birth star was a memorable one.
In Vedic astrology, the constellation in which the moon was located at the time of a person's birth is designated as the person's 'birth star' or Janma Nakshatra. According to the Hindu calendar, the moon... more ›
January 20, 2017 Toronto, Canada
The following is an excerpt from the Q&A session held during the One-Day Retreat with Br. Ramanand on Jan 7, 2016.
Question How do I strengthen my faith in the Guru? I sometimes have doubts. Answer The Guru (Teacher) Shishya (Disciple) relationship is... more ›
January 18, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Nearly a hundred devotees from Ontario and Quebec attended a one-day retreat with Br. Ramanand on Saturday, January 7, from 11AM - 5PM. Some participants traveled all the way from Montreal to join in this much anticipated program. During the retreat, Ramanandji lead the group in Manasa Puja... more ›
January 17, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Br Ramanand's first visit to Toronto in 2017 commenced with a evening meditation session on Thursday, January 5.
Ramanandji first led a small group of devotees in chanting Amma’s 108 names, and then began guided meditation. During the meditation, he invited participants to direct their... more ›
January 16, 2017 Toronto, Canada
We are thrilled to announce that this year Brahmachari Ramanand will be visiting Toronto on a regular basis to lead satsangs, meditation sessions, and pujas with our satsang group.
Br Ramanand, a long time disciple of Amma, first met Amma at the age of three. He has had the good fortune of... more ›