November 20, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Serving with love and awareness
On Saturday, November 17, six members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH and two mentors returned to... more ›
October 17, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Planted 50 trees in honour of Amma's 65th birthday
On Saturday, Oct 13, six members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH and... more ›
October 5, 2018 Toronto, Canada
The value of the Guru depends on how we see the Guru On Saturday, September 15 at 11:00 AM, Amma's Toronto Satsang had the blessing of celebrating Amma's birthday with Dayamrita Chaitanya Swamiji. About eighty people were in attendance, including devotees from Quebec and British Columbia. After... more ›
September 5, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Youth in Action - Love in Action
On Saturday, August 25, seven members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH helped prepare and serve dinner to... more ›
September 5, 2018 Toronto, Canada
An ancient ritual bringing inner and outer harmony
Here are photos from the beautiful Bhagavati Seva puja that Br. Ramanand performed on Friday, August 17, 2018.  View photos>> Bhagavati Seva is an ancient Tantric puja... more ›
August 29, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Toronto Satsang's Kerala Flood Relief Fundraising Campaign
Devastating floods in Amma's home state of Kerala have left 400 people dead, and over 1 million displaced in relief camps. As the monsoon rains finally begin to abate, efforts increase to provide food, shelter, and medical aid to... more ›
July 19, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Guru Purnima is the most important day for spiritual seekers On Saturday, July 14, Amma's Toronto Satsang celebrated Guru Purnima, the full moon celebration of the Guru or spiritual teacher, with Br. Ramanand. Though Guru... more ›
June 11, 2018 Toronto, Canada
The results are in: the most effective promoter of Amma's North American tour is YOU!
An exit poll performed in 2016 by Amma's Pacific Northwest satsang groups found that 76% of all newcomers heard of Amma's program by word of mouth. That is more than all other forms of... more ›
May 24, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Celebrating ten years of Amma Satsang in Georgetown with Dayamrita Chaitanya On Sunday, May 20 at 11:00 AM, about one hundred of Amma's devotees gathered in Georgetown for a special satsang with Dayamrita Chaitanya, one of Amma's senior monastic disciples. Dayamrita Chaitanya is the Executive... more ›
March 27, 2018 Toronto, Canada
Dive more deeply into Amma’s teachings with the Toronto Amrita Book Club
Toronto Satsang is venturing on a new initiative: the Toronto Amrita Book Club. The Amrita Book Club enables devotees to dive more deeply into Amma’s teachings through the reading of Amma’s... more ›