M.A. Center PNW

Establishing a M.A. Center PNW


In 2009 Amma gave us her blessing to find a property in the Pacific Northwest for a new M.A. Center. The new center will provide a permanent location where we gather and continue to put into action Amma’s example of love and compassion by serving our communities, our families and each other.

With Amma’s grace and guidance we have found a property and Amma has told us to make an offer.  It is a beautiful 5 acre property in Snohomish, north of Seattle. It is surrounded by natural beauty and can be used for retreats, classes and workshops.  Our goal now is to raise additional funds to purchase thee property.

Our center will provide a home base for our local service projects that are part of Embracing the World, Amma’s global humanitarian charities. Currently we serve meals to the homeless (Mother’s Kitchen), pick up litter (PNW Litter Project), grow vegetable gardens, plant trees, learn about and teach organic gardening and Permaculture (PNW GreenFriends), and collaborate with other non-profit organizations (Interfaith communities, schools, etc). The new space will also provide a place both to learn and to practice our spiritual endeavors together. These include meditation, devotional singing, yoga and spiritual studies.

Over the last four years we’ve sponsored many fundraising events for the new center. We’ve learned that fundraising can be a fun and a creative way to build community and grow friendships. We still have a long way to go to meet our goal and be able to purchase the property. So we are expanding our fundraising efforts and reaching out to everyone in the Pacific Northwest, from Oregon to British Columbia.

If there is a fundraising idea you want to champion, or you would like to get involved with fundraising in your local community, please contact Visala. You can also contact her to make a donation, large or small, or to join the fundraising team.

We are excited about the possibility of establishing a M.A. Center in the Pacific Northwest, where we can continue to grow and to serve more people in our region. We hope you will consider joining us today!

For information on how you can get involved contact the Communications Team.