Saltspring Island, BC Saltspring Island
Saltspring Island

Welcome to Our Satsang

Our Group is located on Saltspring Island (one of the Gulf Islands), just off the coast from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. We meet every Thursday 6:30 pm at a small retreat center, and also gather on other planned occasions. 

Together we chant the 108 or 1000 names, share inspiring passages and prayers, meditate and sing together.

We end our meetings with arati and then have tea and yummy treats. There are some wonderful and eager musicians in our group, playing harmonium, guitar and percussion. We all love to sing and are busy learning more of Amma's music - we like everyone to share.

We have an affiliation with the Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle groups, and are planning to host nearby satsangs for small retreats in the summer. We are involved with volunteering for Amma's yearly Pacific Northwest tour, and with service projects here on our island.

We would be happy to have you join us. For more information contact the Saltspring Island Satsang Coordinator, Usha  or call (250) 538 - 0229