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Writing to prison inmates, we share the love that Amma shows us. Circle of Love Inside
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We support people in prison in their own spiritual tradition. Circle of Love Inside
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Circle of Love Inside sends Amma’s books to inmates. Circle of Love Inside
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Getting letters is fun. Share the joy. Volunteer.

As we see Amma’s love in action around the world, we see how we ourselves can grow further. Just as Amma calls us 'daughter' and 'son,' we become brothers and sisters through letter writing to people in prison.

Hari from New York City, one of the first letter writers, called Circle of Love Inside “Amma’s crime prevention program.” Our letters allow the inmate to join us as we both open together to greater good in ourselves and our lives. We don’t convert inmates to anything. We support them in whatever helps them grow.

Through Circle of Love Inside, when requested by inmates, the M.A. Center, San Ramon, CA sends books it publishes free of charge to them, or to prison chapel libraries. About 5% of inmates served are interested in Amma. Inmates currently served are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Muslim, Native American, or ascribe to more unique community spiritual responses to today’s challenges.  Of course, some may not relate to spirituality at all. Letter writers learn to recognize and encourage growth in any good quality, and to acknowledge and encourage greater growth in it. 

Groups of people inspired by Amma who meet regularly in their local area for fellowship and prayer include Circle of Love Inside as a sponsored humanitarian service for attendees. Currently groups in Victoria BC, Eugene OR, Santa Barbara CA, Austin and Dallas TX, St. Louis MO, Ann Arbor MI, and Athens GA include Circle of Love Inside as one of their regular activities. Contact us to see how your group can join.

A Texas inmate in solitary confinement for over 10 years, wrote “I seem to go through little trials now and then but, in every one of them, you come to me with a spiritual book or a tool to get me across the waters.” As a thank you, he sent some original art. Our friends inside often gift us with artwork to express gratitude. Here is a slideshow of inmate art.

There are always inmates waiting for letters. Getting letters is a lot of fun. Could you write to an inmate? To volunteer, please contact us.

Experience from a Circle of Love Inside letter writer

Writing letters through Amma’s Circle of Love Inside program has been an invaluable experience for me.  I have been corresponding with inmates for 2 years now. I started off with 2 and have picked up a couple more over time. One of the most remarkable things is that the letters always seem to arrive at the right time. Whenever I’m feeling down or like I’m succumbing to the circumstances of life, I get a letter from one of my pen-pals, and the circumstances are immediately put in perspective. We love to discuss Amma and spirituality. We talk about dealing with anger, emotional trauma, meditation, and how to be happy. I am completely vulnerable with them and they, in turn, are vulnerable with me. I believe that letter writing might be their only opportunity to be open with another person.

Each pen-pal is different and has different needs out of the correspondence. I enjoy getting to know each of them individually. We share our successes and our passions, and we work through our problems together. They lift me up as I lift them up.

Sometimes there is difficulty and I find myself having to push through a fear in order to continue. Each time this has happened, I feel myself grow spiritually. We work through these fears together and they understand where I’m coming from and I understand their perspective as well. When we work through the difficulty together it reminds me that we’re all on our spiritual paths. We’ve all got trauma to work through and karma to release. The trust between us increases as we work through these periods. I am truly honored to be by their side and to be of service. Thank you, Amma!

Rebecca Totman, Circle of Love Inside letter writer from Los Angeles, CA