Olympic Peninsula

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Welcome to Our Satsang

The scenic Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is home to Amma's Olympic Peninsula Satsang, with members across Callam, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties. In spite of the spread out nature of our group, we try to meet weekly.

Currently, we meet part of the year on Saturdays and part of the year on Sundays, at either 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm (also varying seasonally), in different members' homes. Our typical Satsang schedule is:

  • Opening Prayers
  • Reciting the 1000 Names of Divine Mother (Sri Lalita Sahasranama)
  • Reciting Amma's 108 Names 
  • Devotional singing
  • Meditation
  • Closing Prayers

We always end our meetings with a vegetarian potluck meal.

In addition to our weekly meetings, we also try to arrange activities to serve the needy in our communities, help the environment with Litter project and Green Friends, or help raise money for donation to Amma's Embracing the World charities.

For more information about our Olypen Satsang, please contact Saul.

All of nature -- the grass, the insects, animals and people -- are parts of a greater whole."  --Amma.