Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia, Canada

With the grace of Dayamrita Swami and AmmaQuebec devottees in 2015 AmmaNovaScotia was inaugurated in Pictou County. We are the first in Atlantic Canada to be graciously blessed to show and teach the love and compassion of Amma's teachings. Annually we hold a provincial program with visiting senior disciples offering a mini-retreat, with beach prayer for world,  spiritual disclosure, bhajans, chants, meditation, Q&A period and more activities along with a I-AM 20 session.  We also fund raise for national/local affairs. We have volunteers and people coming from all over Nova Scotia and support from local communities media wise, etc. We have presented to Amma in her ashram, offerings from our events and of local work done by people.

Monthly we hold satsang on the last Saturday of each month around 3:00pm consisting of opening prayers, 108 names, bhajans, meditation, spiritual readings/amma readings, aarti and closing prayers and discussions. Following which a vegetarian meal is offered. Anyone is welcome, any age group.

Our dream is that one day Amma will tour eastern Canada! 

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