North American News

July 28, 2012 San Ramon
The plum trees at GreenFriends Farm at the M.A. Center in San Ramon have been very busy this year! So far, over 300 lbs of very high quality, fragrant, and lusciously sweet Santa Rosa plums have been harvested. In June, the first bountiful harvest of these heavenly plums were offered to Amma and... more ›
July 27, 2012 San Ramon
Like many areas of the country, this summer has been a hot one at GreenFriends Farm! It’s the time to prevent fires and nurture the grasslands. That’s why GreenFriends Farm recruited 21 beautiful Angus bred heifers provided by Aaron Lucich, to treat the soils of the rolling hills of the M.A.... more ›
June 25, 2012 Eugene, OR
This is what was said at our last clean up: Our work party was truly an Amma's lesson camouflaged by litter!  Rallying up our children to clean the streets was not an easy task. Our children didn't want to be out in the cold, didn't want to pick up "anything gross" and our 12 year old son had a... more ›
June 16, 2012 Vancouver
Tonight, [June 13, 2012] there were 3 of us to initiate the Amma Vancouver Blood Donor Team. After the initial screenings etc., with a very efficient team, it only took 5 minutes to actually give the blood. Then it was the red carpet treatment over to the juice and cookie table.... and the great... more ›
May 28, 2012 San Ramon, CA
Members of the M.A. Center San Ramon Plastic Project upcycle waste materials to create treasures from trash, transforming discarded soft plastic into purses, wallets and other accessories. Janelle, a satsang member and a life-long crafter, has been inspired through the Plastic Project to use her... more ›
May 28, 2012 San Diego
As a Southern California satsang, we all get together in making a Amma's tour a pleasant one for everyone attending. In order to do that, as we are the Southern California satsang family, we need to help with the Tour. Please contact Tour coordinators or go to ... more ›
May 27, 2012 Vancouver
Volunteers from the Amma Vancouver Satsang group got together on Sunday May 13, 2012 for our first ‘litter seva’. We were participating in the Keep Vancouver Spectacular! campaign run by the City of Vancouver. It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver. We worked in pairs, and enjoyed our chance to give... more ›
May 23, 2012 Ann Arbor
  The past year has been one of the most exciting and
accomplished in Amma Center Michigan history! The ACM community joined hands and hearts to serve as stewards of Amma's beautiful Michigan land to work together on projects that will help catapult ACM into the
field of model... more ›
May 23, 2012 Ann Arbor
May 22, 2012 Ann Arbor
    Amma Center Embraces Solar – Goes “Green”   The Amma Center has undertaken major steps to protect the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. Srinergy recently completed the installation of three solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems, including 112 solar panels, on our 40-acre property. It... more ›