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Welcome to Our Satsangs

The greater New York regional satsang represents a thriving community that offers a year-round calendar of events providing opportunities to remain connected to Amma. Satsang gatherings, celebrations, retreats with visiting Swamis, fundraising activities, and community service occur throughout the year. These are described below.


There are numerous satsangs throughout the greater New York region, which meet on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Volunteers gather in satsang to chant, sing devotional songs known as bhajans, meditate and work on selfless-service projects together.  All are welcomed. Please see the 'Groups Nearby' box on this page to find the satsangs in our area.

Mother’s Kitchen

During the past 15 years volunteers have been preparing delicious vegetarian meals once each month for over 200 guests in Manhattan.  One of the oldest Mother’s Kitchens in the US, it is a wonderful opportunity to work together in service to others.  A new Mother’s Kitchen, serving more than 100 people, was inaugurated by the New Jersey satsang in January 2005. 

Retreats with Swamis

The community is very fortunate to host Amma’s senior disciples throughout the year.  These gatherings typically occur in September and February and include free satsang programs and an all-day retreat in Manhattan.  Attendees hear spiritual talks, sing devotional songs known as bhajans, and participate in question-and-answer sessions with Amma’s beloved Swamis.

Amma’s Birthday

Each September or October, the community gathers to honor Amma and celebrate her birthday.  A special puja is performed in honor of Amma, followed by satsang, during which everyone has the opportunity to participate and receive prasad.  A festive Indian meal lovingly prepared by Amma’s devotees follows.  Donations received on Amma’s birthday are sent directly to her as an offering in support of her numerous charity projects. 

Yearly Benefit Auction

New York was the first city to initiate an auction to help support Amma’s summer visit.  To this day, the auction remains an important fundraising event and offers various items donated by volunteers, ashram residents and others.  Some items have been used by Amma – which makes them extra special; others have been lovingly created just for this event.  Valuable professional services are also donated by volunteers including voice and music lessons, massage sessions, astrology readings, and various healing services.  A festive, vegetarian Indian dinner concludes this lively community event.

Other Fundraising Activities

An annual fundraising letter is sent to many volunteers and supporters of Amma.  Donations from this letter make it possible for the greater NY satsang community to host Amma’s free programs in Manhattan.