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Welcome to the Nelson Satsang

Amma's Nelson Satsang, B.C., Canada
Established in 1999, our small group has been gathering regularly every Tuesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for spiritual nourishment. Following Amma's guidance, our evening begins with 3 Om's and the Peace Chant for 5 minutes. We share in the leading of the various components:
-  A reading from a book about Amma
-  Chanting 108 names of the Goddess
-  Singing devotional songs in call-response
-  Offering of Aarati, the flame of heart wisdom
-  Closing prayers for world peace and for our spiritual upliftment
- 10 to 20 minute meditation
-  Sharing of blessed fruit and sweets
We have managed through the years to organise a few group community projects:
-  A garage sale for fund-raising
-  Making paper bags for retreat sales
-  Devotional singing and fund-raising for Tsunami relief
-  Video film of Amma and devotional singing to introduce Amma in our community
-  Plant sale
But mostly, each of us offers our "selfless service" wherever we can in our own lives. Even picking up litter is a welcomed service. In our small, rural city of Nelson it is easy to share a warm smile and remember Amma's message of love, compassion and gratitude.

Please join us!  Contact Nelson Satsang Coordinators

Up-coming class: IAM-20 Class Sat. June 23 1-3:30 at the Old Church Hall 602 Kootenay @ Victoria Street Nelson, B.C. by suggested donation of $15 to $20 to cover hall rental, hand-outs, etc. Any surplus supports Amma's "Embracing the World" charitable activities around the world. IAM Technique Classes for four different groups of people: 1. IAM Technique, original format, for a 35-45 minute daily meditation, taught in 9 hrs. 2. IAM-20, for fast-paced people and business groups, for a 20-minute daily meditation practice, taught in 2 1/2 to 3 hours 3. IAM Technique class for Youth 15 to 18 years of age for a daily 20-minute meditation practice 4. IAM Technique class for Children 10 to 14 years of age for a daily 20-minute meditation practice All the IAM Technique classes are taught by Sreemayi, an instructor authorized by Amma. There is no instruction fee. A small donation is accepted to cover rental expenses, hand-outs and instructor travel. To inquire about the next class and to register please email at least 2 days before the class to ensure your place. When you register, you will be sent a welcome email with all the details, what to bring, etc.