M.A.Center, Washington DC

Tree Planting

Would you like to plant trees? Are you a nature lover? Experiencing winter blues or craving spring air? Restless or COVID (stir) crazy?

Join us for the next Embracing the Trees excursion, as we connect with a tree planting event in Baltimore, a short 40-45 min drive from the DC ashram.

Saturday May 14th, 9am-12pm, Baltimore. 

Click here for details and registration.

Reply to trees.macdc@macenters.org to receive email notifications for group tree planting opportunities in the DMV. Include your cell number if you would like to be notified by WhatsApp group texts.  Embracing the Trees (ETT) DC will try to hop onto local tree planting efforts hosted by public or non-profit groups and thereby work towards fulfilling Amma's wish for us to plant trees.

What is Embracing the Trees?

Embracing The Trees (ETT) is a new initiative of GreenFriends North America (GFNA), led by Swamini Ambikamrita Prana, established in order to encourage tree planting among the North American Amma Centers and Amma devotees, in response to Amma's emphasis on its importance.

Also coming soon...

ETT DC hopes to soon offer the opportunity to have trees planted on your own property and to participate in this process yourself if you wish.

In Amma's service,

ETT, East Region/DC