M.A.Center, Washington DC


|| Aum Amriteswaryai Namah ||


In the midst of the COVID outbreak, Amma has recognized that many are experiencing new or added difficulties or stress. She says in reference to this, “After all, tension and anxiety are free for the taking. People consume these in large quantities. My children, don’t engage in this.”

If you are struggling to find your way during the COVID crisis and would like some support, please fill out a brief contact form (below). Though we are not able to provide formal mental health therapy, we have health professionals available for free private sessions, where attentive listening and coping support are provided.

Please note: this service is open to Amma devotees in DC/MD/VA, as well as neighboring states, such as DE, PA, NJ and NY.

Volunteer Health Professionals

Peter Grube, LCSW-C
Beatrice Ollier, LCSW
Treyambika Loftis, LCSW
Tracy Belle, LPC
Hari Sankaran, M.D.

  • If you are interested in receiving this service, please enter your contact information in this brief form.
  • If you know someone who may lack computer access, the following number can be used to request the service: (240)494-5978
  • Once we receive your request, one of our volunteers will do their best to contact you within 72 hrs.
  • Please note that we cannot provide mental health therapy. If this is a need for you, please contact your physician or a mental health provider in your locale.**
  • The service will be active through the end of May 2020. At that time, we will assess whether it would be helpful to extend it.

If you have a question, please send your inquiry to AmmaDC.ETW@gmail.com.

** If you are experiencing a true crisis and feel that you may be a danger to yourself or others, please call (800)784-2433 or 911 or your local crisis response/hotline number. For Montgomery County (Maryland), this number is (240)777-4000.