M.A.Center, Washington DC

Shivaratri Celebrations with Br. Ramanand

Yet another Shivaratri celebration, filled with devotion and energy. Led by Br. Ramanand, devotees were led into a night of devotional singing, spiritual talk, meditation and performing of holy bathing (abhishekam) of Shiva Linga. Every person who attended the celebrations took turn in performing the abhisheka of the Shiva Linga as the Sri Rudram was being chanted. The Amrita Bala Kendra children recited the Shiva Manasa Pooja and Lingashtakam together bringing in a feel of devotion and innocence together. In his talk Br. Ramanand elaborated on Amma's Shivaratri message of how Shivaratri is a celebration of sacrifice. He outlined the four objectives of life - Righteous responsibilities/duties, Wealth & prosperity, Desires and Liberation. He highlighted how one should effort in using one's wealth  to perform righteous duties and sacrifice the mundane desires to have higher desire for liberation. Everyone participated in bhajans (devotional singing) until past midnight concluding with the prayer for world peace.