M.A.Center, Washington DC

Serve Nature Project - Clean Up Litter '20

In Amma's 67th Birthday Message Guidelines she had mentioned: Make protecting Nature a part of your daily routine. Do not belittle the forces of Nature and see them as inferior. 

Clean up the litter and make your local park, playground, school yard or neighborhood street a more welcoming place.  An area that is made clean and litter free is more likely to remain that way.

Amidst Covid, there are fewer community cleanups and with budget cuts to public works, there are fewer government cleanups. Nature needs our assistance.

What can you do now?

  • Due to Covid we must use social distancing and work as individuals or within families.
  • Make a commitment to choose a local area and clean up litter from that location - preferably once a week - or at an otherwise suitable interval.
  • Start by doing this for an 8 week period beginning November 1.
  • Wear masks and gloves and collect litter in bags. Practice good hand washing.
  • For all ages - very young children should not pick up litter but their observant eyes can point it out.
  • Make this part of your regular outdoor exercise.
  • Click here on this spreadsheet to enter the number of bags that you collect. We’ll be able to demonstrate how our collective effort helps Mother Nature and our neighborhoods
  • We welcome your photos - email photos or share via Google drive using the email ammadc.etw@gmail.com

Amma and the tour group cleaning a street in Kolkata 2013