M.A.Center, Washington DC

Earth Day Celebration

On April 14, 2018 MA Center DC Greenfriends celebrated Earth Day by joining with a local Potomac River watershed protection group to clean up the area surrounding Riley’s Lock on the C & O Canal near the Potomac River a few miles north of Washington,DC.  


It was a glorious spring day filled with sunshine. Our assignment was to clean up the fallen branches and trash in a small wooded area adjacent to the Lock. We hauled fallen limbs and brush away from an area near the parking lot and cleared the area of trash.  Not surprisingly there was a lot of plastic trash, including water bottles and a frisbee, as well as a hat and a shoe, beer bottles, and candy wrappers.


At the end of the morning, by Amma’s grace, the area looked like it had been cared for and cared about and we had had a wonderful time doing it.