M.A.Center, Washington DC

December Celebrations - Christmas and Hanukkah

M.A. Center witnessed yet another colorful holiday season. The ashram was lit with decoration lights, a Christmas tree by the gate at the entrance and inside the ashram building.


The Amrita Bala Kendra children decorated the Christmas tree inside the ashram building and setup a nativity creche. The AYUDH youth decorated the Christmas tree by the ashram entrance gate and put up the decoration lights around the ashram.

Christmas carols, a live Nativity scene marked a festive program on December 26th at the M.A. Center DC. The DC satsang carolers lifted the spirit up and the Bala Kendra children joined them.



Hanukkah was observed at M.A. Center DC from December 6th to 14th. Every evening along with the daily prayers (arati) Hanukkah blessings were offered to the candles on the Menorah and lit.