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A Message from Amma's NA Disciples Regarding Source Reduction

Message from Amma’s Disciples in North America:
Aum Amriteswaryai Namah!



Darling Children of Amma,


GreenFriends of North America has initiated an important project inspired by Amma, to begin the process of reducing and eliminating the amount of waste generated at the source, by her Centers, satsangs and individual devotees.


We invite you to take this project seriously and participate to the fullest extent you are able. Please take a moment to read an excerpt from a recent letter to Regional Satsang Coordinators from GreenFriends of North America:


*  *  *
Two years ago, on the Europe tour, Amma was talking about the challenges to nature posed by human activity, especially the massive amount of waste being generated every minute. 
She asked the tour staff to give their suggestions for reducing waste at the source.  There were many suggestions, and Amma was pleased that some of her children are thinking seriously about this issue. 
However, until now, no concerted effort has been made by Amma’s devotees to see this through, other than in Amritapuri. 
GreenFriends North America (GFNA) is beginning a Source Reduction Campaign among the devotees here to show Amma that we DO CARE enough to try and do what we can to reduce waste at the source.
Our goal is to encourage all of Amma’s children to take steps toward Source Reduction by providing them with the information needed to make wise decisions and implement new ways of doing things in their lives.
Best of all, we have received Amma’s enthusiastic Blessing!
Our Beloved Amma has recommended that Her children take up the challenge of preventing waste and pollution before it actually happens; to live more sustainably on our precious Mother Earth.
We have all heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Rather than wait for an ecological crisis to occur, it would be much better to prevent the crisis in the first place.  Also, we no longer have the luxury of polluting first and cleaning up later. 
Amma has said that Nature is out of balance because of humanitys actions.  We need to take bold action to greatly reduce practices that are detrimental to our planet’s precious ecosystems so that Mother Earth has an opportunity to restore balance.
All local satsangs and MA Centers are being asked to be involved in this endeavor!
Because the field of Source Reduction is very large, WE WILL BEGIN FOCUSING on PLASTICS.  In fact, Amma asked the North American tour coordinators a few years ago to not sell water in plastic bottles at each tour city and to instead offer filtered water, letting people refill their own re-usable water bottles...  She also spoke at length about reducing waste during her Q&A in Santa Fe last summer…
*  *  *


 This campaign, while important for Mother Earth, is equally important for each of us, as a spiritual practice, to become more aware of how our actions impact others.  It is an opportunity to open our hearts, self-reflect, to raise the awareness of our innate nature, our interconnectedness with all beings.


Within the next 2 weeks your satsang will be approached by a Regional GreenFriends Source Reduction Coordinator to help you coordinate the project within your satsang. Educational materials and other resources have been developed to aid you in this effort.


May we each strive to do whatever we are able to do, to honor Amma’s guidance, which flows out of her compassion for each of us.


Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya
Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya
Br. Ramanand
Bri. Rema Devi


|| Aum Amriteswaryai Namah ||

Please visit the Source Reduction Campaign Page and Facebook

For more than four decades, Amma has continuously offered her life to show mankind the path to peace, love and harmony. Amma's mission is one that takes into consideration the entire world community while giving importance to the individual.