M.A.Center, Atlanta

AYUDH Aware - Help Spread Awareness of Local Hunger

Aum Amriteswaryai Namah,

AYUDH Atlanta believes that tackling the global issue of hunger begins with a profound awareness about our local hunger, consumption, and food wastage at an individual level.  Our chapter researched the facts on hunger  in the Georgia region  and created  this informational  graphic (see above)  to  post  in  cafeterias,  restaurants,  cafes,  and  other venues   around   their   community. 

This graphic can ideally spark a dialogue amongst community members about food consumption, with statistics on the number of people who  go hungry each  day,  the  consequences  of  food  wastage,  and  methods each individual can take to combat hunger.

Our region’s QR code on the infographic links to a webpage displaying and counting how many  site  visits  we receive.  The site  visits  over  time will be charted  and  compared to the  impact  of hunger  awareness  and  responsible  consumption  in  each  community around the Americas. 

Please help out our chapter by spreading the word through this graphic and helping give a voice to the many that go hungry within our community!

Aum Namah Shivaya,

AYUDH Atlanta