M.A.Center, Atlanta

Atlanta River's Clean up Seva

On Sat Oct 6th 2018, we had the wonderful blessing of honoring Amma's 65th birthday and teachings with a special seva for Mother Earth.
We joined the River's Alive organization for yet another year of their annual clean up along the waterways. They were very excited that
a well attended group of Amma's GA Satsang were present and committed to seva, It began at 8:30am on a hot summer day
in Atlanta, unusual weather for Atlanta in October. However, as we know through divine teachings, any day is a good day for seva!

We formed a few different groups so that we could cover a vast area. There was a surprising amount of trash and recycled goods that were collected. Even within a small group of two adults and two teenagers, we picked up almost 60 lbs of trash along the roadside and surrounding the river. Half of it could be recycled. It was comforting that we were able to be resourceful in our efforts to help preserve our beautiful environment.

It was heart warming to see how much of an impact the whole day made. The collective amount of trash collected was over 200 pounds!
The Mayor gave a speech expressing his appreciation for the participation of all the volunteers year after year. He also gave some insight into the progress and projects in GA that support promoting a pristine environment.

Amma's presence was permeable amongst our Atlanta GA Satsang group.  We even created additional ways to establish future fundraisers for Amma's charities such as Mother's Kitchen.  Thank you to all who provide selfless service and express the embodiment of Amma's teachings in their actions. We are so grateful for her eternal Grace. Om Amriteshwaryai Namah.