M.A.Center, Atlanta

Anniversary Seva Project - Mother's Kitchen at Potter's House

We had tremendous support for our anniversary seva project - Mother's Kitchen at the Ashram, serving at Potter's house in Jefferson , GA.
The residents at Potter's House gave us a gracious welcome. We served dinner to around 75 residents.
The gratitude that every resident expressed when we were serving the food was extremely overwhelming and humbling for us and it is all Amma's grace . They loved every single dish that we prepared and came back again for seconds and thirds. The majority of food was consumed, and they kept the leftover food for use for the following day. 
Amongst many heartwarming comments that we recieved from the residents, here are a couple.. "Please come back again." and " who made the brownies and fruit cake... so delicious ".. 
The Brownies and the fruit cake were a huge hit  and there were residents who came back multiple times for the brownies. The ABK kids did an awesome job making the brownies and fruit cake.
A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the volunteers who made this possible.