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Amma's Pantry Project was started in January 2013 as a collaboration with the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. The Food Bank of CCS had started using a model of 'donor drive' instead of 'food drive', where neighborhood team leaders provide a green bag for people to collect food every two months to make it easiest for donors to help.

In San Ramon and the Bay Area, Amma's Pantry adapted this model to make the MA Center the collection point for food donations every two months. After each Bag Exchange, food donations are brought to the Food Bank of CCS. There the food is weighed, sorted, and distributed into the community, including to shelters, food kitchens, and by truck into different neighborhoods where there is need.

Bay Area Amma's Pantry has over 120 individuals and households participating. In 2020, Amma’s Pantry began including online donations when state health measures prevented meeting in person at the MA Center. Between online donations that went directly to our partner regional Food Bank to purchase food for food-insecure families, and our continued in-person food collection when possible in the MA Center parking lot, a total equivalent of 22,346 meals were donated in 2020.

October 18th update:

With the Project community's generosity and Amma's Grace, this past weekend with online donations only Amma's Pantry collected $1,417, the equivalent of 2,834 meals, for local food insecure individuals and families.
Amma's Pantry Project continues to gather both food donations in person and online donations to support local food-insecure individuals and families. To date in 2021 Amma's Pantry has donated the equivalent of 11133 meals to our Project partner, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. Since the start of Amma's Pantry San Ramon, the project has donated the equivalent of 33479 meals.

We are continuing this hybrid model until further notice. Remaining food/donation collection dates for 2021 are:

June 12, 2021
August 14,2021
October 16, 2021
December 11, 2021

For information or to participate in the Project, email MA Center San Ramon

An email reminder goes out before each Bag Exchange date to those on the Amma’s Pantry email list, with details about how to either bring food donations in person or donate to the Food Bank online.

Download list of food here >>