Marion Rosen and Amma

Marion Rosen is renowned throughout the world for founding the Rosen Method, a bodywork technique used for stress reduction and for treating many of the chronic diseases of our modern day lifestyle, including disorders such as headaches, muscle tension, back pain, joint pain, insomnia, asthma, and physical or emotional abuse. Through touch to release chronic muscle tension, a relaxation occurs that allows release of unconscious attitudes and memories, assisting the body in healing.

Marion Rosen met Amma in 1987 during the first US tour. Marion harbored some doubts about meeting an Indian saint, but went because her daughter, friends, and grandson had previously met Amma and enthusiastically encouraged her to do so.  Amma, on meeting Marion, hugged her for a long time. As Marion moved aside for the person behind her to receive a hug, Amma took hold of her arm, pulled her close and said, "These kids are really very devoted, you know." Later, as Marion was driving home, she realized that the sentence that Amma had spoken to her was in perfect German, her native tongue! And not only that: Amma had spoken in a perfect Bavarian dialect, distinctly from the town where Marion had been born. Thus began Marion's long relationship with Amma and with the M. A. Center, San Ramon. Although Marion did not directly participate in the activities there, she was fully supportive of the organization. On her second world tour in 1988, Amma stayed at Marion’s house in Berkeley for several weeks of Bay Area programs.

In her later years, Marion began inviting different Rosen Method students to meet Amma. The relationship between Rosen Method and M.A. Center grew. As more Rosen students became supporters of Amma's great work, Marion and several students wanted to support Amma's charities, and decided to teach a benefit Rosen Method weekend once a year. It was Marion's wish that these yearly classes would still be taught at the ashram, as her continued contribution to Amma, even after her passing. She felt that she had left a legacy with her senior teachers and advancing students, and she felt confident to leave her work in their hands.

Marion Rosen passed away in January of this year.  Some of her ashes were recently carried to India, blessed by Amma, and ceremoniously cast into the Arabian Sea by a small group of Amritapuri residents and guests. In keeping with Marion’s generosity of spirit, Rosen Method students decided to continue her support of Amma’s Embracing the World charities by once again conducting a benefit workshop at M.A. Center, San Ramon.