Emergency Prep Plan Initiative - Northern CA

Emergency Preparedness Plan - Initiative launched for Amma's birthday at MA Center

The first project to emerge from a wider effort at MA Center San Ramon for Emergency Preparedness was launched on Amma's birthday - a basic and standard Emergency Preparedness Plan approved by the County of Alameda, CA. This is a basic and standard Emergency Plan - it is a plan for busy people. It contains features for easy implementation like links for more information and for purchasing most of the basic stuff you need for your home emergency kit.

Like all of Amma-inspired initiatives, this too is multi-faceted. It offers an opportunity to help others as well as ourselves.. It serves as another wake-up call for us about the alarming imbalance between man and nature, an imbalance we see daily as natural disasters increase world-wide.

Please read the plan below and consider signing up. If you sign up, you will receive occasional emails with plan updates, tips, success stories, and perhaps a newsletter. For more information contact macsrprepare@gmail.com.

Emergency Preparedness Plan 

Message from Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya dtd September 24

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Next Thursday, September 27, we will celebrate the birthday of our beloved Amma. Please accept this invitation to attend the festivities at MA Center San Ramon. Amma’s birthday gives us an opportunity to celebrate together and be thankful for her presence in our lives.
On this birthday, we launch a new initiative for Emergency Preparedness. In early August, on the very day that increasing rains turned to floods and mudslides in Kerala, Amma enthusiastically blessed the plan for Emergency Preparedness in the west. With growing media coverage about major fault activity in the Bay Area and fires in California, as well as planet-wide natural disasters, it is no surprise that Amma would encourage and bless this work.
Amma has asked everyone, when possible, to plant home gardens, plant trees, participate in waste reduction and the cleaning of public spaces.  Some satsangs have chosen to pick one day a month to clean the beach or a park; others are taking a pledge to plant a certain number of trees for Amma’s birthday. In the spirit of sharing, others volunteer in Mother's Kitchen, donate to food banks and feed the homeless.
In the same way that you have embraced all of these initiatives, let us all embrace and implement Emergency Preparedness and continue on to protect Mother Earth and Nature.

In Amma’s Service,
Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya