MA Center San Ramon

108 Gifts of Hope for Amma's Birthday

In honor of Amma’s 68th Birthday on 27th of September, Greenfriends Farm would like to distribute 108 bags of Hope to homeless camps in San Jose. Each bag will be numbered, and personally delivered with lots of caring love to the homeless camps by the ashram residents on Sunday, September 26th.

You can order or sponsor a bag on the weekly order form for GreenFriends Farm. Order form for September 25th >
Each bag has a cost of $20, and includes the following items:
-2 Fruit Jams from our GreenFriends Farm Orchards
-1 pound of mixed Apples
-1 Loaf of Bread
-1 16oz Peanut Butter jar
-1 bag of dried Persimmons
-1 bag of dried Apples

Please email, if you have questions. Thank you for your support. 
The GreenFriends Family