M.A. Center New England

Evening Arati Sign up at the M.A Center

Dear Amma’s New England Family,

As pointed out by Br. Ramanand in the last satsang, we are so fortunate that Amma has blessed us with a M.A. Center in New England. As we shall be initiating many activities at the ashram, it becomes our first duty to keep the daily prayers at the ashram going. Since we do not have regular residents at the ashram, let us volunteer to perform the evening arati at the ashram. Let us sign up in the link below with convenient day(s) for us.


Click here to Signup

Suggestions put forth by Br. Ramanand during the last satsang were:

  • Those staying not very far away from the ashram and those who can afford to volunteer on a weekly basis can select a particular day of the week (e.g. every Thursday).
  • Those staying far away can volunteer for at least a day or two (e.g. every third Friday or every second and fourth Tuesday etc).
  • Though not frequent, let us still sign up for the fifth week of the month too.

Some details regarding the daily evening arati:

  • The evening arati typically lasts for only about 30 to 35 minutes.
  • The chants include Guru Stotram, a few bhajans, Amma’s arati singing and closing prayers.
  • In case you aren’t well versed with the chants we shall make arrangements for a player with these chants recorded. You can chant along with the recording.
  • Since we do not have residents currently staying in the ashram who would chant the morning Amma’s Ashtottaram (108 names) and Lalita Sahasranamam (Divine Godess’s 1000 names), we could currently include chanting of Amma’s 108 names to the evening chanting.
  • The small lamp in front of the altar should be lit before the chanting begins and put off as you leave after the arati.
  • Arrangements would be made so that you have access to the ashram during the arati time.
  • We shall have a sign-in sheet/book placed in the altar room so that you can mention the date and your name on it. That way we would have records of the arati being performed everyday.

Let us take advantage of this great ashram that Amma has gifted us with and the opportunity to provide service to the same. As per the Indian tradition, leading the daily prayers at a spiritual institution is of great privilege and it is spiritually beneficial.

Aum Namah Shivaya.