M.A. Center New England

Amma's Hands

Amma is always present with each one of us, and Her love sees no boundaries or distance. It is ever present at every moment. Her desire is to help each person, all over the world, in all times of need or suffering. Since Her physical body can’t be everywhere at the same time, it is up to each one of Her children to be Her hands in the world … working, helping and spreading Her love and compassion through selfless service and dedication. We are “Amma’s Hands.”

“The fulfillment of spirituality is the ability to love and serve others” – Amma

We are very grateful to have one more opportunity in which to serve those in need in the New England area. This Embracing the World seva is called “Amma’s Hands.” We will be visiting Blueberry Hill Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Beverly, Massachusetts every 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Here are the groups that will be serving, and groups that we need help with from our local sevites. Please feel into your heart and see if any of these call to you:

  • A group of licensed practitioners will be working with the elders that are towards the end of life. There are about 20 elders in this process at the moment.
  • A group of companions that will spend time with the residents that are very alone and have no friends or family that visit. There is great need for companionship and love for these sweet elders.
  • A group that will be making prayer shawls to donate to the resident elders. This is something that they treasure very much and can be made by anyone and sent to us.
  • A group of massage therapists that will be working with the staff once a month to help relieve their stress and overwhelm.

If you feel called to take part in any of these groups, please don’t hesitate to contact Prajna, who is coordinating the project. She can be reached at PrajnaHealingAndMassage@gmail.com

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