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Help support Amma's visit to NewEngland

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There are so many ways to help! Pick what works best for you:

1. Donate any amount by clicking on this link. Select "Boston" as your Tour city, enter your payment information, and that's it! Interesting fact: Last year, the majority of the funds raised during the Program Guide campaign came from donations from people just like you. Last year, 82 individuals donated to the New England Program Guide campaign, which accounted for 56% of the total funds raised! It doesn't matter how much you donate. Any little bit helps.

2. Place a business ad in Amma’s Program Guide. Advertise your business or a type of service that you offer (i.e. painting, yard work, tutoring, massage, yoga, grant writing, dog walking, etc). Free graphic design service is included. Fill out this easy form to request a business ad.

3. Place a pranam ad in Amma's Program Guide. If you don't have a business or service that you would like to advertise, you can still offer a pranam ad to Amma in the program guide. Pranam ads are respectful or reverential salutations to Amma. Free graphic design service is included with the purchase of your ad. If you choose, our graphic designer will work with you to create a beautiful, individualized and heartfelt offering. Fill out this easy form to request a pranam ad.

4. Reach out to your own network of family, friends, co-workers, grocers, local restaurants, yoga studios, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. Make a pledge to ask at least one other person if they would be interested in placing an ad or donating to the cause. If each and every person who attended Amma's program did this one small part, then we would certainly reach our fundraising goal! Share this link with anyone who would like to support Amma's Tour through the Program Guide Campaign: https://amma.org/ammas-summer-program-guide

5. Join the local Program Guide Team! There is an organized team of local volunteers who work hard to solicit ads from local and national businesses. This is how we raise money to host Amma. You don't need any prior experience and we really need your help! Put in as much or as little time you want from the comfort of your own home. Contact Srimayi: srimayi108@gmail.com

6. Click this link and like us on Facebook. Share the posts and spread the word through your own networks. Update your cover photo with the "Support the Tour" picture.

7. Company matching programs. Does your employer offer a company matching program? If so, MA Center is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax laws. What better way to maximize a donation to a reputable cause? Contact Srimayi for details: srimayi108@gmail.com

8. Contribute to the New England Satsang Group Ad. We will be taking out a full page national spread ad that costs $3,500. See payment options below.

To make ONLINE donations or ad payments with a credit card:

-Go to: amma.org/pgpayment

-Enter the amount you wish to donate or enter the cost of your ad.

-Select “Boston” as the Tour City.

-In the additional information section, write if it is a contribution to the New England group ad, a donation, or payment for a private ad.

-If it is a payment for a private ad, please state the name of the business.

To make donations or ad payments with a PERSONAL CHECK:

-Make your check payable to MA Center.

-Indicate on the check whether it is a “Program Guide Donation” or payment for a "Program Guide Ad".

-Mail to your check to:

MA Center New England

245 Linden St.

Boylston, MA 01505

For more information about the Program Guide Campaign please see the following webpage: http://amma.org/programguide. You may also contact Srimayi for more information at: srimayi108@gmail.com Thank you for everything and anything that you can do to contribute to this fundraising initiative. We are most grateful!