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Circle of Love Letters

Circle of Love Letters


It has been about a year since I started writing cards and letters for Circle of Love Letters, a seva that Amma requested Her children to organize some time ago.  This is a very simple seva that doesn’t cost much and is not time-consuming.  It also fits into any schedule.  I truly enjoy the time spent each week, sending off a positive and cheery message to people who are in need of a kind word and loving thought.


“Thank you for your lovely letters and cards.  I really appreciate you taking the time and energy to reach out and let me know you are thinking of me and that I am not alone.  It helps me get through the days which can be rough with physical pain along with depression and anxiety.” –


Although we write cards and letters to others without expecting anything in return, it is always heartwarming to hear from a recipient and learn that you have done something to improve his/her day.  Sometimes, it works the other way around.  One of the people I was assigned sent me a colored picture she’d done as a way to say thanks for a piece of artwork I’d sent her.  It was so nice and unexpected that the stress I was feeling that day just melted away.


I always feel uplifted as I write these cards, because I know how it feels to be down in spirit.  ‘Giving back,’ by being in touch with others who are going through a difficult time, just seems right … as if a little piece of a puzzle fits into my soul.  I’m so grateful that Amma started this seva and that I have had this opportunity to take part in it.


For more information about Circle of Love Letters, CLICK HERE. 


Aum Amriteswaryai Namah!