Why I Love “Set-Up Seva”

I used to arrive on the first public day, a little late, a little exhausted, a little overwhelmed as I entered the wonderful, crazy, amazing week of serving and spending time with Amma.  

One year, because of a ride situation, I arrived the day before the first Public Program day.  I checked into my room, got organized, rested a bit, and then feeling a little bored, wandered downstairs.  I discovered the world of Set-Up Seva. 

I met the interesting people behind the scenes as I got to help set up the Stage and Altar, stock the Snack Shop, and set up the Water Table.  The atmosphere is quiet, but absolutely full of the anticipation and longing we devotees feel when we are about to see out beloved Amma.  The whole night, as we were all working hard to have everything ready I felt I was basking in, what I think Amma calls, "the charm, the grace, of selfless service."   I felt as if Amma was there with us, helping us along.  I felt like a happy child, overjoyed to get to help get ready for our magic week, our week with our Satguru. 

Set-Up Seva is the closest I feel to Amma, outside of being in her arms, so I'm sure to not miss it.  Even if I stay up til 2 or 3 in the morning getting everything ready, I wake up the next morning, still having gotten plenty of rest and up in time to welcome Amma.  The rest of the week is less hectic for me, and I feel like I have more time to spend with Amma, because I already did a portion of the Seva I wanted to serve for her.  Consider being there for the amazing privilege of getting ready for Amma's return to us. 

Piper (Joshua Tree Satsang)

Experience the Bliss of Selfless Service before the first day of Public Programs! Discover the world of Set Up SevaSaturday June 9th to Monday June 11th.

Please RSVP at  or call/text 818 219 3385 to sign up or for more info!

“If we dive deep enough within ourselves we will find that the same thread of universal love ties all beings together. It is love that unites everything.” - Amma